Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to College and My Brain Hurts!

On May 18, 1996 and 1997 I graduated undergraduate and graduate school at UCONN.  Once leaving those institutional doors I thought there was no chance of ever going back.   "No more teachers, no more books no more teachers dirty looks."  I am a teacher so I see those dirty looks every day.  Well, on May 18, 2010 I went back to college. An opportunity came that I couldn't pass up.  Free college, with a stipulation that I work with fellow teachers at my school to help be a Math and Science coach.  Wish me luck.    The second homework assignment, quite impossible.  I needed help from two colleagues joining me in the program to answer the 5 end of chapter questions.  None of us were sure we were right.  It took us all at least 2 hours to complete. Sitting in class, the ADD sets in immediately.  The fear of being wrong when answering questions creeps back into my head.  Friends do help keep the focus and the fun, thank goodness. 

Yes, my brain does hurt. A good hurt.  

Hopefully it gets easier!