Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hooked on Reading. How Did This Happen? The Hunger Games!

I am not a fan of fiction, especially fantasy or novels that take place in time periods or places that are quite unfamiliar.  I have always experienced a disconnect in my brain that would never fully allow for comprehension.  There is a remarkable series of books that has changed my thoughts about this genre.

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins is so well written I found myself up in the middle of the night finding out what happens next.  I have said aloud "Why!"and felt my breathing change in anticipation of the next event.  Now that is something I would have never expected. Yes, the characters have strange names and the setting is in a land once known as North America, but the character development and the pace of the books is just right.  When I find myself saying it's time to move on, the author moves swiftly in a direction so unpredictable the thoughts in your head begin swirling, trying to rationalize and digest what just happened.  By the time you do this, a plot twist will send you for another loop on the proverbial literary roller coaster.  

You will find yourself during your daily activities wondering about Katniss Everdeen and the struggles she is facing.

I highly recommend this book to any adult and any student in grade 7 or above.  There are three books in the series.  The first one is The Hunger Games, the second is Catching Fire, and the third one came out yesterday called Mockingjay.  I have just started this one.  I am only 10 pages in.  I don't want to continue until I can block out a long period of time.

Here is a link about the series from the WSJ:

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  1. Exactly! This is just what any author wants a reader to do, Tim! It's like a little mental break from the rest of the sometimes ever-too-real factors in our everyday life. I loved HUNGER GAMES, am reading SHARK GIRL right now and plan on jumping into CATCHING FIRE next. We'll sure have a lot to talk about this year!