Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Science Inquiry...Want to Know? It Sure is Fun!

I never knew science could be so much fun.

In the past it seemed like such a chore with all of the concepts and vocabulary and limited number of resources to try to pull together to make the students understand the world around them.  I tried to force lab reports upon them that didn't allow for any sense of wonder or provide motivation.  I basically spoon fed the information with a pre-determined result in mind.  If the "experiment" if you will, came out with flawed results, I made the students try it again to recreate what was "supposed" to happen.   No fun.

Now they are thinking, learning, and having fun.  They are using their own thoughts and ideas to develop questions, investigations, and procedures.  They are working collaboratively to answer their investigable questions.  There is fantastic discourse.

This is what they need. This is what I need.

I am working collaboratively with my buddy Todd (who comes up with all of these good ideas) to develop some of these meaningful lessons.  We teach down the hall from one another and are able to share every day to make each lesson better.  He helps by asking the right questions.

Harry Rosvally our Math Science Partnership program leader along with Holly Harrick from the Connecticut Science Center have spearheaded all of this "good stuff".

Right now the students are in the midst of writing up a plan and gathering materials. Stay tuned for more fun.


  1. Isn't science great? I used to love teaching it to my students and now I get to do it with my grand children. It's great to see it going on at your level. Newtown's 10th grade CAPT scores in science were very disappointing but with teachers like you, there's hope!

  2. Hey Tim! Look forward to returning and talking Science with you and Todd.