Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Trout Story Continued

I forgot to continue the saga of the Trout.  I'm sure you have been on the edge of your seat. The suspense has been built to such an incomprehensible level that the blog page counts are going through the roof.  I know you all want to know what has happened with those fickle fish delivered back in November.

Well we stared out with 199 eggs.  We now have eight minuscule fish swimming freely in a tank fit for sharks.

What happened?

Fungus happened.

Within a couple of weeks of resting comfortably in the tank, the fish developed a quick spreading fungus.  When I say quick, I mean one morning there was nothing, then in the afternoon the eggs were covered in a suffocating fungus that could not be removed.  Only three of the eggs were spared.

Those three littles did make it.  We received a donation from Mr. Roody of about twelve fish or so.

They were enjoying there time in the free waters of the tank.  Then one morning, about seven went missing.  We looked all over, checked the filter, the tubes, the chiller, even on the floor.  Nothing.

This is still a mystery.  Even some of Mr. Stentiford's disappeared.  Some were in the filter, some unaccounted for.

Now we are trying our best to keep these eight healthy and ALIVE until they are ready to reach the open waters (tiny pond).

Wish us luck.

Next year we're raising worms instead.
This is what the fungus looked like.

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