Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Head Down Generation...or Decade?

You are standing in line somewhere at some store or anywhere for that matter and you notice something. You start thinking about what you observed. What is happening? Then you look around and it is happening everywhere. What are they doing? Where have you been? What have you been missing? Why is everybody doing this?

You go to another place and you see the very same thing.

At first it was from the young...teens, pre-teens, college students. Then the more you look, adults...GenXers, Baby Boomers, 20 somethings whatever they are, even a few octogenarians.

What is this phenomenon?

People walking with their head buried in the cell phone, smart phone, iphone, whatever.
They are text messaging, e-mailing, facebooking, tweeting like maniacs. Some are not looking where they are going. Some are obviously doing this while driving.

Texting has exploded! It is everywhere. The kid at the checkout at Stop and Shop. The Barista at the coffee shop. The parents whose kids are running wild at the store. Do we hear less phones ringing in public?

I am now on the lookout for some funny and outrageous places where you see this texting going on. Ever see two people collide while texting? Share your stories let me know about funny or ridiculous texting situations.

I'm sure the chiropractors and massage therapists are excited about this.

In the meantime...

Keep YOUR head up!

Bye the way if you are interested, follow the link below to the Kansas Sate Fair Text Messaging Contest.

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  1. It's not particularly funny but I often see teens sitting behind the wheel of their car, sitting at a stop light and texting. Drives me nuts. I often shake my finger at them. Once a young lady gave me her own finger!! Nice.