Friday, September 25, 2009

The Blitz!

This past weekend the New York Jets did not let up on Mr. Wonderful, Tom Brady!  The kept up the blitz. They kept coming with the pressure all the way until the clock hit zero. Mr. Brady was rattled, bruised, and bewildered.  He was shaking his head.  His coach Mr. Bill Belichick couldn't bare to watch.
They were once so confident.  Now they looked so confused!

Chances are they will look at the game film, figure out the problems, and come back stronger and more knowledgeable for the next contest.  They will work it out on the practice field in their New England facility.  They will not make the same mistakes. They will double check each formation.  They will adapt their blocking schemes to protect their prince.  Success will follow. That is certain.

The new Jet philosophy brought by Rex Ryan got me thinking.

I needed to borrow his approach and apply it to Math!  I needed to put the blitz on these students.  I needed to not let up until each and every one had analyzed the problems they were having with standard multi-digit multiplication and long division.  I needed to keep the pressure on until they changed their thinking and let go of past math issues.  I needed to force them to practice, practice, practice.  This is the only way we can move on and have a successful year.

These kids had the same confused look of Brady and Belichick.

It worked!  They did the work.  They practiced.  They changed their mindsets.  They became confident.

Thank you Mr. Ryan.

Multiplication and Division Quiz:  Class Average 94!

Maybe this week Brady and Belichick can learn from the sixth graders.

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  1. Like everything else in life-be it sports, education, good health, whatever-it's all in the attitude!