Wednesday, September 2, 2009

About Face, About Sleep!

A colleague of mine and I were talking yesterday about the topic of naptime in school. He read an article about the benefits of having students, yes students in sixth grade taking power naps in school.

I thought this was a crazy, wacky, preposterous idea. Even first graders never got naps. If a student fell asleep when I taught first grade it certainly wouldn't last for long. We had curriculum to cover. We had knowledge to gain. You get the point.

My colleague approached one of our bosses on the topic. They said if it can be backed up by data it is fine.



I take back all that I said in the last post. Let's have a designated time to nap. Let's rejuvenate our brains and bodies for the afternoon. Let's try it out! What is the most we can lose?

I am now furiously on the hunt for MORE studies and data so if someone walks in and asks what in the world we are doing, I can wake from my slumber in the comfy computer chair and hand them the study hanging on the wall. If you find any studies please pass them along.

Good Night.

The National Sleep Foundation has this article along with many others.

Here is one study in Connecticut.

Here is another by The Institute of Mental Health.

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  1. I personally love naps. I don't always get to have one but when I do, it's great. I've also read similar research that supports napping in the corporate world. It's argued that workers-especially office personnel for some reason-would actually become far more productive if they had power naps. So spread the word, Tim. You're on to something. Why don't you start by discussing at SH?????